The woman behind Pertamina’s digital integration

Creating a modern digital workplace at Indonesia’s state-owned energy company.

Nicke Widyawati is no stranger to hard work, having started her career early while still studying industrial engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

But as the President Director of Indonesia’s state-owned energy company, Pertamina, the COVID-19 pandemic has given her a global level challenge.

“COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way we do business, making us think how can we be more effective and help our employees work despite the social distancing policies. And we knew that technology has the potential to be a game changer,” says Nicke Widyawati, who recently was named one of the Most Powerful Women in the World by Fortune magazine International. “We already began a digital integration project with Microsoft in late 2017, but the pandemic accelerated the overall process.”

Known for her cool hand in guiding companies to calmer waters, Widyawati has been instrumental in driving the digitalisation and modernisation of Pertamina, which has 32,000 employees around the world.

Seeing an opportunity to fast-track digital integration and establish a modern workplace, the company accelerated its adaption of a data-driven culture and intelligent automated processes to become more transparent and agile as a world-class national energy company. By strengthening its core digital foundations, Pertamina seeks to future-proof itself by enabling effective business transformation and create disruptive innovation.

The company embraced an enterprise cloud journey to consolidate and modernise all information technology shared services across the company and its subsidiaries. The cloud provides predictive analytics such as maintenance schedules and crude price forecasts using machine learning algorithms. With data from sites around the country through separate on-premises and online servers, integrated with distribution and retail information, these operation dashboards allow for accurate corporate forecasts.

“By implementing an intelligent hub and using an enterprise cloud powered by Microsoft, we are able to maximize all our data and information across the country towards making real-time, informed and effective decisions,” said Widyawati.

The first, Horizontal Digital Transformation provides connectivity and integration processes are needed within the company, namely in the Pertamina Value Chain, from upstream to downstream.

Then, secondly, the Realtime Analytics Insight Solution which aims to support fast decision making.

Realtime Monitoring Ship Movement is presented to maximize delivery time. This is what has been done at the completed digitalisation of gas stations where the potential application of artificial intelligence can help better understand customers and innovate to improve our services. It can also be used to monitor all levels and targets of subsidized fuel distribution.

The third, continued Nicke, is Digital Integration at all levels of work, which aims to improve skills and work culture and to shape a digital culture at all levels. With the presence of Digital Integration, Pertamina can implement a data center and modernize applications that can summarize big data to ensure data needs in every business process.

Pertamina Business Support Director M. Haryo Yunianto said, through this collaboration, Pertamina Group has implemented digital technology, including Predictive Maintenance. This application is presented to predict refinery maintenance so as to maintain refinery reliability and ensure product stock for the community. To strengthen operations, a P-Office has also been implemented which automates the correspondence administration process at Pertamina using the concept of mobility.

Others, also used the Join Operational Dashboard and Corporate Dashboard. Meanwhile, Modern Workplace with Office 365 is implemented to improve performance by using collaboration tools such as mteams (Vicon) and the use of Microsoft Office in the cloud to improve performance in a collaborative manner.

To monitor all downstream to upstream operational activities, Pertamina Group uses the Join Operational Dashboard. Meanwhile, specifically for the upstream sector, it uses the Upstream Operational Dashboard (UPAD) application. The use of Infrastructure & Azure Dev Ops at the Azure Azure Data Center helps accelerate innovation and monitor the performance of all applications used at Pertamina. The next application, Pertamina will use machine learning in the form of Crude Price Analytic, from the Microsoft Azure Cloud & Analytic platform.

With the help of a carefully defined modern workplace architecture, powered by Microsoft, the company was able to ensure its employees are empowered, connected, and engaged. The system offers end-to-end cyber security coverage across a multi-platform trusted workflow environment, that allow users to safely work in a remote/hybrid work environment during this “new normal.”  Security protocols such as using multi-factor authentication is now the norm for everyone at the company.

Widyawati has been creditied with being quick to maximize the use of technology to advance the company on the digital stage.

Her experience in logistics, supply chains, and infrastructure offered insights towards optimising these areas by using the Microsoft’s end-to-end cloud solutions that comes with proactive compliance trusted by enterprises and governments.

Moving forward, Pertamina is creating an Intelligent Data Hub, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to derive additional insights and deliver outcomes across all data domains within the entire supply chain. This will optimize upstream operations, both at home and abroad, following strong governance protocols.

This will allow the company to accelerate innovation, offer value creation with advanced analytics and utilise artificial intelligence of the platform.

Widyawati’s commitment to transforming Pertamina has not gone unnoticed, as she recently named Indonesia Most Admired CEO 2019 for Excellent Leadership for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Optimisation.

“Pertamina is responsible to providing national energy resiliency to all of Indonesia and benefit society at large,” she said. “This is a task we take very seriously.  We are already building up a digital culture to help our employees work efficiently.

We have conducted hackathons, launched digital classes, and help change the overall Pertamina mindset towards creating a better future for our employees and the company. I am confident this would help Pertamina and Indonesia take its rightful place on the world stage.”





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