Telkom Consistent accelerates digitisation in Regency City

Telco etermined to ensure connectivity for the whole community


One of Indonesia’s largest telecommunications providers, PT Telkom Indonesia (Tbk) has continued to accelerate digitisation in the Regency Capital.

According to the telco, this is to ensure that connectivity and access to information can be obtained equally by the entire community to create a globally competitive Indonesian digital society.

During a video conferencing services in Jakarta in April, Zulhelfi Abidin director of network and IT solution, Siti Choiriana — consumer service director at Telkom launched the cities of Kediri and Tulungagung as being 100 per cent fibre optic-based networks.

Abidin said the existence of network modernisation to fibre optics has become an important foundation in providing digital services both digital platforms and services.

“With the modernisation of networks in the cities of Kediri and Tulungagung, various government activities in these two cities can be carried out in all digital ways,” he said.

These cities can help Government programs and support community activities to be better, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, said Choiriana.

“The availability of 100 per cent fibre optic technology is expected to increase the mobility and productivity of the cities of Kediri and Tulungagung,” he said.

According to the Telco there has been an increase in service traffic during the enactment of work from home – attributed to COVID-19.

According to Telkom there has been about a “1.5 Tbps with growth of 18 per cent with the composition of domestic and global traffic being 52 per cent and 48 per cent”.

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