Submarine cable connects Japan, Australia, and US

The last cable between Japan and Australia was constructed more than 20 years ago.

The Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) Cable System has upgraded the cables that interconnect Japan-Guam-Australia South (JGA South) in Guam, extending the cable’s reach.

These cables establish one of the fastest path between Tokyo and Sydney, delivering essential network diversity between Japan, Australia, the United States, and expanding onward connectivity options over RTI’s Guam-connected hub-and-spoke network.

JGA North is a private cable with RTI as the sole investor and is the northern segment of the Japan-Guam-Australia Cable System between Minami-Boso, Japan and Piti, Guam.

It was manufactured and built by NEC, and was funded by proceeds from Japanese financial institutions, including the Fund Corporation for the Overseas Development of Japan’s ICT and Postal Services Inc. (Japan ICT Fund) and NEC Capital Solutions.

JGA South, the southern segment between Piti, Guam, the Sunshine Coast and Sydney, Australia, was manufactured and co-built by NEC and Alcatel Submarine Network (ASN) and has been in service since March 2020. Both JGA North and JGA South will interconnect at GNC – RTI’s neutral cable landing station and data centre on Guam.

Russ Matulich CEO at RTI’s said the subsea cable experts on the ground and at sea overcame obstacle-after-obstacle by closely collaborating – an art that has become a standard practice over many years.

“It resulted in JGA North’s remarkable on-time, and under budget, completion. This exceptional outcome – against all odds – confirms what the industry already knows — money doesn’t get cables built, relationships do,” he said.






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