Stolen COVID-19 vaccination data leaked onto the Internet

Targeted EU medicine agency hit with a cyber attack in December 2020.

The ongoing investigation of a cyberattack on European Medicines Agency has revealed that some of the unlawfully accessed documents related to COVID-19 medicines and vaccines belonging to third parties have been leaked on the Internet.

Necessary action is being taken by the law enforcement authorities.

The Agency continues to fully support the criminal investigation into the data breach and to notify any additional entities and individuals whose documents and personal data may have been subject to unauthorised access.

The Agency and the European medicines regulatory network remain fully functional and timelines related to the evaluation and approval of COVID-19 medicines and vaccines are not affected.

EMA first reported a cyber attack in December 2020. At the time the Agency said An initial review revealed that a limited number of documents belonging to third parties were unlawfully accessed. The concerned companies are being informed.

EMA has engaged a specialised third-party service provider to support the full investigation that is currently being carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other relevant entities.

This company will contribute to the additional security measures that are being put in place in response to the data breach.




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