STL sets up 5G portfolio with optical fibres and wireless technology

India’s STL sees need for evolving digital network architecture.

Indian digital network company, STL has invested in building next-gen optical and wireless (5G) portfolio for all markets. The company has been involved in optical connectivity, large-scale digital network integration, and virtualised wireless capabilities, has been an integrator of digital networks for the past 25 year.

As remote working becomes the new norm, the shift to digital is now permanent. Globally, Internet traffic has increased significantly, and the demand for data connectivity continues to grow exponentially.

“Digital disruption is the new normal, and the world is embracing the changes that come with it. New ways of working, new business models and new opportunities are emerging,” said Dr Anand Agarwal, group CEO at STL. “We are seeing the current telecom infrastructure evolving to a new digital network architecture – virtual, converged, disaggregated, and close to the Edge.”

According to Dr Agarwal the current digital infrastructure must be able to manage sudden spikes in Web traffic.

“A completely new architecture is evolving – the Next-Gen Digital Network,” he said. “These virtualised networks will be software-driven, disaggregated, converged, fibre rich, and close to the Edge.

Digital service providers and cloud companies globally have accelerated their plans to bring these digital networks to the market, while they continue to invest in modernising the current networks.”



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