Steel frame supplier Aus Steel selects SYSPRO Cloud ERP

Aus Steel took the decision to implement a cloud-based ERP system

Australia’s number one residential steel frame supplier, Aus Steel has selected global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist, SYSPRO, to help the company drive efficiencies in its build process and improve the scheduling of its precision engineered frames.

Headquartered in Cameron Park in Newcastle, Aus Steel has been an innovator in the residential steel frame and truss industry since 1992. The company produces custom frames with cutting edge technology using the highest quality G550 steel on its roll form machines. ⁠Aus Steel has seen unprecedented growth due to the residential property boom. The increased demand has resulted in two new production sites in Crestmead in Brisbane and Goulburn in New South Wales, with more sites planned along the east coast of Australia.

“We’ve spent years perfecting our steel frame system and we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve the total build process to make it more efficient. We have ambitious plans to grow the business further, so we’ve looked at innovative ways to improve our manufacturing and achieve our vision of challenging the way Australia builds,” said Lewis Onley, Chief Operating Officer at Aus Steel.

Aus Steel took the decision to implement a cloud-based ERP system to replace its manual systems which are currently based on unlinked databases and Excel spreadsheets. The company looked at several options in the market and then shortlisted three ERP systems.

“We ultimately selected SYSPRO Cloud ERP due to its superior manufacturing capabilities complete with advanced planning and scheduling through the SYSPRO MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) system as well as the team’s deep understanding of manufacturing and Aus Steel’s specific needs,” said Onley.

SYSPRO will be implemented across Aus Steel’s core business processes including Manufacturing, Distribution and Finance and will enable the Aus Steel team to efficiently schedule production processes, provide more accurate costing information to clients and be able to respond quickly to future changes and disruptions in the market through real-time information.

“Implementing SYSPRO Cloud ERP and SYSPRO MOM will enable Aus Steel to manage the entire lifecycle of our steel frame products, drive operational efficiencies amidst rising costs and supply chain challenges whilst supporting our ambitious growth plans,” said Onley.

“We’re excited to be working with the leading residential steel frame supplier in Australia on their digitalisation journey and are looking forward to a fulfilling partnership that will enable Aus Steel to achieve its projected growth targets whilst driving operational efficiencies,” said Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific Chief Executive Officer at SYSPRO.



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