Software AG provides QTRS with IoT refrigerated transport solutions


Software AG has signed a multi-year deal with transport refrigeration services company, Quality Transport Refrigeration Services (QTRS). The deal will see Software AG provide its Cumulocity IoT platform to QTRS, which will help Australian farmers with various refrigeration.

QTRS has spent the last 18 months developing and enhancing the capability of its IoT solution based off its Mitsi Track solution platform which includes new capabilities and industry first abilities to track, monitor and control vehicle refrigeration units.

Daniel Oxley- Boyd managing director of QTRS said it has been monitoring and gathering data from the units allowing for improved proactive and predictive maintenance and control. The features were designed to stop product spoilage of perishable cargo and loads, due to temperature variations on board the vehicles.

“[We’re] getting so much data and information off the vehicles in real-time,” he said. “We have had strong interest from manufacturers of the refrigeration units to expand the solution into Europe and New Zealand.”

The IoT technology delivers real-time critical insights to what is happening to the vehicle’s contents. This gives drivers and fleet operators better visibility of truck refrigeration unit performance which can help to significantly increase profits for farmers, operators and customers by saving wasted produce.

Oxley-Boyd said proof of temperature is a critical requirement for nearly all food supplies and an  IoT solution provides transparency of the delivery process.

Tony Drewitt head of IoT A/NZ at Software AG said, the COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted even more the importance of having reliable refrigeration units for perishable produce especially when supply chain demands are under pressure.

“The solution will benefit [the] different stakeholders through the food supply chain – from growers, farmers, food production companies, packaging and processing plants, distribution hubs, transport and logistics providers and ultimately the food retailers,” he said.

“For perishable produce and stock, it’s essential to be able to monitor this in real-time, through monitored refrigeration on-board vehicles so as to avoid spoilage.

All of these organisations have CIOs and COOs, who may be responsible for metrics on delivery and quality of produce and products and or the vehicles and logistics in the supply chain.”


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