SingPass Mobile hits one million users

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SingPass Mobile enables users to log in swiftly using their fingerprint, face recognition (for smartphones with this capability) or an easy-to-remember 6-digit passcode of their choice.

Singapore Government’s app, SingPass has hit over one million users as of March 2020. The GovTech app was debuted in October 2018.

SingPass Mobile (SPM) provides a secure and convenient way for users to access government digital services from over 60 agencies using fingerprint, face recognition or a 6-digit passcode.

Users can also view their MyInfo Profile, perform in-person identity verification via QR code, and access commonly used digital services through the shortcuts.

According to GovTech 98 per cent of all 2FA transactions done via SingPass Mobile or SMS 2FA OneKey token to be decommissioned in 2021.

Apart from government services, SPM also allows users to log in to selected private sector services. To date, 16 private organisations offer SPM Login to their customer portals. These include NTUC Income, NTUC U, AIA, Manulife, Prudential, and the grants portal on the Singapore National Employers Federation website. More private sector organisations will enable SPM Login in the coming year.

To date, 3.5 million SingPass users have activated their two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is used for secure digital transactions and consists of a two-step login. There are three methods for 2FA.

Users can use SPM, or key in a one-time PIN sent via SMS (SMS 2FA) or key in a one-time PIN generated on a physical OneKey token. Currently, 98 per cent of 2FA logins to government services use SPM or SMS 2FA, and only two per cent use OneKey token (to be phased out by October 2020).

From April 2021, users will not be able to use OneKey tokens to access digital services.

During this transition period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, users are encouraged to refer to the instructional guides on how to set up their SPM app. Users who need further assistance can still visit any of the 46 SingPass counters island-wide.

For citizens with mobile phones that are unable to download apps, they can still set up and use SMS 2FA to continue accessing online services.

Kok Ping Soon chief executive of GovTech said, the SingPass Mobile app is key to Singapore’s national digital identity initiative.

“We are encouraged by the strong support so far and will do more to promote the use of the app, so that more users can transact online with the government and the private sector easily and conveniently,” he said. “We will also work with our partner agencies to help more citizens learn how to use SingPass Mobile and continue to find new solutions which ensure security and convenience for our citizens.”

GovTech will be working closely with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and People’s Association to assist citizens during the transition. Citizens, including seniors, can sign up for IT classes conducted at selected community clubs / centres and IMDA’s Silver Infocomm Junctions to learn how to use SPM to access government digital services.



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