Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education makes sense of data

Data transfers can be widely implemented across an organisation.

Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has signed a five-year deal with enterprise data company, TIBCO Software.

Thong Chee Chung director School of Electronic and Info-Comm Technology at ITE College West told CRN Tech Asia the team chose TIBCO after conducting market research to acquire the “best software and solutions” to build and maintain an organisation’s data pipeline systems.

“We were looking for a user-friendly platform that features real time appreciation, is seamless as well as effective and comprehensive for the data science industry,” he said. “This led us to explore TIBCO’s Spotfire.”

According to Thong Spotfire can cover the processes of data engineering; from extraction, to cleansing, to analysis, and finally to reporting of insights.

“Its highly versatile interfacing and functionality is also very intuitive,” he said. “Our students will definitely benefit from the wide spectrum of processes and how these data transfers can be widely implemented across an organisation.”

Thong said students aren’t taught in silo modules, but an integrated learning system.

“Where possible, with multiple facets learning nodes and how nodes being interlinked and connected to form a complete ecosystem,” he said. “TIBCO’s solution allows that, i.e. business-to-business; business-to-consumer; and business-to-employee.

This ensures that our graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of a product that is relevant and prevalent in the industry.”

Low Khah Gek chief executive officer at ITE said the impact of COVID-19 has shown the growing importance for all business entities, regardless of size, to leverage digital tools and data analytics.

“It’s critical to make sense of big data to understand consumer behaviour and preference, and to inform decisions,” she said. “As a result, the demand for manpower trained in data analytics will also grow.










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