Shared 5G network for sustainable development

Unleashing the power of connectivity and beyond, and building.

China Telecom President Li Zhengmao said in a speech that that China Telecom together with China Unicom has walked on an innovative road of co-building and sharing. The two sides have started full life cycle co-building and sharing of 5G network across the country since September 2019, with “one physical network and two logical networks”.

Through two years’ joint efforts, they have achieved remarkable outcomes and considerable benefits. By the end of July, 517,000 shared 5G base stations had been opened, and it is estimated that the two sides would save about 80 billion yuan of investment in total. The full life cycle 5G co-building and sharing conducted by the two large operators of China Telecom and China Unicom is the first case in the world, contributing “Chinese experience” to global telecom industry.

The Broadband Commission was established in May 2010 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its Commissioners include industry leaders, government leaders, and experts from international agencies and organizations concerned with development.

It is committed to devising and formulating strategies that give more attention and priority status to broadband infrastructure and service development to ensure that broadband technology will bear fruit in all countries and benefit all people.

President Li introduced the general information about China Telecom in the first place. He said that China Telecom is a world-leading, large-scale full-service operator of integrated intelligent information services. It ranked the 126th in the latest “Fortune Global 500”, moving up 32 spots compared with that of last year. By the end of July 2021, the Company’s mobile subscribers had reached 365 million, of which 138 million were 5G subscribers, and its broadband user scale had steadily grown to 195 million households.

The Company is also a main force in new information infrastructure development and a global leader in cloud-network convergence. It is the largest IDC service provider in China and its e-Cloud ranks the first among global operators in terms of public cloud IaaS.


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