Office of Hong Kong CIO releases a new round of standing contracting agreement tenders

For government IT professional services.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has published a tender notice in the Government Gazette, inviting contractors to bid for a new 48-month high-quality IT professional service standing agreement and provide professional services for government IT projects, said a  spokesperson for the OGCIO.

“The new round of agreements adopts a number of new measures to continue to promote the development of the local IT industry, in particular to lower the basic requirements for tendering, to encourage more small and medium enterprises and start-ups to participate, as well as new measures,” said the Spokesperson.

This includes a service category to promote the wider implementation of multiple IT application systems shared by various government departments. The new round of agreements will bring huge business opportunities to contractors, especially small and medium enterprises and start-ups.

The agreement is part of the government’s IT project outsourcing strategy. It will help strengthen the government’s ability to provide IT services and accelerate the introduction of IT solutions to meet the increasing demand for digital government services. The total value of the contracts awarded in the current agreement exceeds 2 billion yuan, and it is expected that the total value of the contracts in the new round of agreements will be even higher.

“The upper limit of the contract value of each project has been substantially increased by one-third, that is, from 15 million yuan to 20 million yuan, so that larger projects can be approved through agreements,” said the spokesperson

The new agreement covers three types of IT services:

  • Type A: pre-service and management services for plan/project development, system support and maintenance services, integrated services for system development and implementation;
  • Type B: information security, privacy assessment and independent testing services ; And
    Category C: Launch of shared information technology application systems and their maintenance services.

The service categories “A” and “C” are further divided into large and small project groups, and the contract value of the projects used to classify the relevant groups remains at 3 million yuan.

In order to make the agreement cover more contractors, the government will award up to about 130 standing contracting agreements in this tender exercise, with a contract period of 48 months.

Considering that service quality is of utmost importance, bid evaluation will adopt a 70:30 technical/price scoring ratio.

During the contract period, government policy bureaus and departments can invite contractors of relevant service categories and groups to submit proposals for their IT projects, and select contractors to be responsible for the projects based on technical and price reviews.




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