“Obral Obrol LiTerasi Digital” to celebrate the special moment of Ramadan

Aiming to improve digital literacy skills.

To increase digital literacy among people in Indonesia, the Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications, and Informatics (MCI) through National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi held a webinar session called “Obrol-Obrol LiTerasi Digital” (OOTD) on April 21, 2022. The webinar sessions highlighted important issues on digital literacy, followed by opportunities that can be optimized during the holy month of Ramadan.

With the significant spike in digital activities during the pandemic, most Indonesians have increased access to execute social interaction, teaching-learning process, shopping activities, growing business, as well as working online. As time goes by, there is a shift in people’s habits that leans towards the digital realm. This phenomenon has successfully opened new opportunities in different aspects of life. These opportunities are seen to be opened more widely during the holy month of Ramadan.

Based on research that was conducted by Indonesia Digital Association (IDA) and Emtek Digital, the total number of online media readers has increased by 18 per cent during Ramadan. Meanwhile, over-the-top (OTT) services, a popular digital platform for watching videos, experienced a rise in watch time duration by 154 per cent. This significant increase was driven by lifestyle changes during Ramadan.

This moment has opened many opportunities for individuals to increase their creativity and earn some benefits in the digital realm. However, to optimize these opportunities, they need to be equipped with digital literacy skills that include craftsmanship, etiquette, safety, and digital culture. Advancing our digital skills becomes the focus of the “OOTD” webinar “Menuai Berkah Digital di Masa Ramadan,” that was held by MCI and Siberkreasi as a part of the #MakinCakapDigital campaign. The webinar mainly covered sharing sessions with the experts in digital literacy to discuss trends and opportunities during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Ramadan has brought in momentum and opportunities for people and creators to optimize their skills, educationally and commercially. The emerging trend during the fasting month and Eid holiday have also contributed to maximize a lot of new opportunities, particularly when complemented with comprehensive digital skills,” said Anifatul Jannah, the Head of Arus Informasi Santri, one of the guest speakers for OOTD Ramadan special.

Building a Smart Nation with digital literacy skills

Improving the digital literacy competence is essential, so people can better optimize their digital potential. “This webinar aims to equip Indonesian citizens with relevant digital skills; therefore, they can increase their productivity while improving their quality of life. Our Ramadan OOTD talk has brought in opportunities for us to dig many potentials and gain more benefits from there,” said Rizki Ameliah, Coordinator of the Digital Literacy Program.

Presenting well-known speakers such as Chairman of Arus Informasi Santri, Anifatul Jannah; Tokopedia’s Merchant Education Lead, Annabel; and digital literacy’s enthusiast and Islamidotco’s Creative Director, M. Alvin Nur Choironi, the OOTD program discussed many important topics that inspire people to innovate and make changes in this digital era, during Ramadan. The key topics include adapting to digital trends that move rapidly, improving our social media behaviour, optimizing opportunities in e-commerce and digital strategy applications, as well digital safety and building community in digital space.



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