Malaysia gives go ahead for Internet service installation in green zones

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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has given the go ahead for communication and Internet services to be classified as “essential service” during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. The reclassification allows related installations to go ahead during the order period.

In a statement the Commission said, fixed broadband installations, restoration, network maintenance and new infrastructure installations may continue, under the condition that customers and service providers’ personnel safety are prioritised depending on risk profile of the locations identified.

“New installations may only be conducted at premises located in green zones with no confirmed COVID-19 cases,” it stated. “Whereas installation work for broadband services at customer premises within all yellow and red zones, which are zones with positive cases of COVID-19, are strictly prohibited.”

Telecommunications staff and installers are allowed to enter the customer’s premise for troubleshooting and restoration work if it is in the green zone.

Locations at the yellow and red zones are only allowed to troubleshoot until the distribution point. Entering premises at the yellow and red zones is only allowed for premises providing essential and critical services.

For maintenance work, staff can enter customer premises in the green zone. However, for premises at the yellow and red zones, they should only conduct their maintenance work outside the premises.

Service provider staff and customers are required to present their declaration of health before they can do work in the customer premise. They would also need to comply with customer interaction guidelines set by respective service providers. Both parties should also ensure that they always have face masks on and practise social distancing for everyone’s safety.

The prohibition against installations, maintenance and troubleshooting in yellow and red zones have been made because the standard installation procedure requires the service providers (comprising of at least two staff) to enter a customer’s home to conduct a technical assessment on the suitability of the premises for fixed broadband installations. Installations, maintenance and troubleshooting work in yellow and red zones pose a high risk and could cause workers and customers to be exposed to COVID-19, thus affecting the safety of both parties.

“Consumers living within the yellow and red zones may consider subscribing to wireless broadband services, available without the need for home installations,” states the Commission. “Consumers are advised to consider the various packages offered by telecommunications companies through their respective websites or by contacting the companies directly.”


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