LanciaConsult controls data with Boomi

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Partnership will help Singapore logistics and supply chain companies

Lancia Consult has been elevated to MSP status by Dell Technologies’ cloud-based integration business Boomi. The agreement will allow Boomi to help the logistics and supply chain organisations in Singapore, with  operational visibility and data control through the integration of mission-critical systems.

LanciaConsult is a global business and technology consultancy, with offices in Asia and Europe.

Chun Seong Lim, managing director at Lancia Logistics said Singapore companies rely on technology to maintain their supply chains, whether it’s integrating with, border authorities for customs clearance; tax authorities to fulfil national financial agreements; and customers and suppliers for order processing and invoicing.

These connections need to happen seamlessly in real-time,” said Lim. “While existing platforms for these companies serve their core purpose well, many aren’t designed to communicate with one another, leaving departments and branch offices siloed due to a lack of clarity around which records are up-to-date and accurate.

These siloed operations can have a direct impact on supply chains, with the potential to slow down operations.”

According to Lim a scalable and versatile platform and this MSP agreement makes it easy to integrate CargoWise One with more than 50 data exchanges.

“This drives unprecedented visibility and flexibility into the supply chain, while removing the roadblocks that prevent companies from adopting newer initiatives like business intelligence reporting, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things” he said.

The partnership will also speed-to-market and day-to-day operations for small- to medium-sized freight companies in Singapore.

These organisations typically prefer not to own or manage their IT infrastructure and resources.

Lawrence Ng general manager South East Asia at Boomi said, if data is the cargo, then integration refers to all the mechanisms in the supply chain that helps it reach its destination.

“By leveraging the Boomi platform to enable the flow of data between critical logistics and supply chain platforms,” he said. “This is especially beneficial for a sector that is earlier in its digitisation journey than other major sectors.”



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