Kum Shing Group optimises back up performance

Accelerating agility, resilience and security of data backup.

Hong Kong’s mobility and infrastructure specialist Kum Shing Group (Kumshing) has adopted its Commvault’s Complete Backup & Recovery with HPE Nimble storage to optimise backup performance and offsite replication.

The implementation allows the utility company to achieve up to “five times faster backup for data from multiple sources”, said Jerry Wong, IT manager at Kum Shing Group.

“One of our key goals is to accelerate the agility, resilience and security of data backup by migrating to cloud technology,” he said. “To ensure our corporate data and customer information are protected, we wanted to deploy a single solution to backup data from multiple sources — cloud, Microsoft 365, servers, physical machines, and virtual machines — and perform offsite replication. Only Commvault can fulfil all these requirements.”

Previously, Kumshing was performing replication across four offsite locations with a legacy backup solution that was time consuming to operate. It was also not able to handle large data sets generated from the mass archiving of multimedia files, resulting in poor backup quality.

The Commvault’s Complete Backup & Recovery, Kumshing has increased archive copies without increasing backup duration, “achieving 88 per cent deduplication ratio and reducing storage capacity by more than 190TB”.

Kumshing’s IT team is also able to focus more on the business roadmap instead of troubleshooting with the increased efficiency and reliability of backups.

Kumshing was established in 1963 in Hong Kong to provide a full range of customized and specialist services to power utilities, transportation, and public sector clients. With over 2,000 employees in locations across the region and multibillion-dollar active contracts, Kumshing is the only private enterprise providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary engineering solutions to the entire electricity supply system from generation, transmission, distribution to utilisation, assisting the power utilities in achieving a world-class supply reliability of over 99.999 per cent.




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