Japan strengthens research and tech programs

The future of Japan as a science and technology nation depends on young researchers.

During the 48th meeting of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation at Prime Minister Abe’s office, discussions were held about the future of tech innovation in Japan.

The Council and the Prime Minister Abe discussed the comprehensive package to strengthen research capacity and support young researchers; the end-of-program evaluation for the Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program (ImPACT), the goal-settings for the Moonshot Research and Development Program and other issues; and the institutional reform policies to promote science, technology and innovation.

The Prime Minister said collectively they decided on the new package to support young researchers.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Japan as a science and technology nation depends on young researchers,” he said. “We intend to significantly enrich our support, such as scholarships so that all students who aspire to a doctorate can devote themselves to research without worrying about their daily living.”

According to the Prime Minister in the age of accelerating globalization, we also aim to boldly expand opportunities to study overseas.

“We will also create over 5,000 stable positions for young researchers,” he said. “We also intend to establish a new research scheme to enable young scholars to conduct challenging research with their creativity for up to ten years, freeing them from bothersome paperwork.”

According to the Prime Minister by fully implementing all policy measures under the package ,Japan will swiftly create an environment “where young people can aspire to pursue a career in research with dreams and hope for the future”.

“Innovations in the world are accelerating further,” said Prime Minister Abe. “I am aware that various technologies, which were a mere dream until very recently, are now on the verge of becoming a reality at an incredible speed.”

He said during January the Government opened the International Joint Research Center for Zero Emission Technologies in Japan, which will collect wisdom from around the world.

“We intend to promote moon-shot research in pursuit of six ambitious targets, which we have determined today, towards the resolution of issues that humanity is facing, such as a super aging society, in addition to climate change,” he said.

The Prime Minister said Japan was in an age where they must put global competition first in everything.

“In the field of quantum technology, which provides the foundation of next-generation encryption and other technologies, Japan will firmly raise its flag high to the world,” he said. “I intend to create a centre of excellence that brings together leading researchers and companies. We also need to promote reforms to make our regulations and systems on innovation ones that are sufficiently flexible in light of international standards.”



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