Indonesia Govt. commends Google Cloud Data Centre for national digitalisation

Presence of this Data Centre to strengthen security; protection of data privacy; and enhance digital economic progress.

Indonesia’s minister of communication and information Johnny G. Plate said Google Cloud Region Data Centre will be able to strengthen the development of digitalisation and digital economy in Indonesia.

According to the Minister the presence of Google Cloud Data Centre will certainly be an important part in the strengthening and development of digital-based technology in Indonesia.

“The Indonesian government hopes that the presence of this Data Centre can strengthen the security and protection of data privacy; enhance digital economic progress,” he said.

Minister Plate explained, currently the Government is accelerating digital transformation towards a digital society.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information, the focus of the acceleration includes the completion of the development of telecommunications infrastructure, structuring the frequency spectrum including to accelerate the application of 5G technology, the construction of national data centres, government data centres, development of human resources or digital talent.

“And processing of several primary legislation to support the development of the digital economic ecosystem. The government is working with the Indonesian Parliament in the political process to accelerate the enactment of the draft law on the protection of personal data,” he explained.

According to the Minister, the construction of the Jakarta Google Cloud Region data centre becomes an important part in strengthening the development of digital-based technology in the country. Specifically, Minister Johnny assessed that it would be able to improve the application of various technologies.

“Able to sharpen the application of various digital technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” he said

According to the Minister the development of Jakarta’s Data Cloud Region, is a form of synergy between the Indonesian government and the multinational company Google in.

“The launch of Google today is an example of a very good synergy in which the business sector and the business sector support the government’s policy to meet the needs of today’s technology,” he said.

Minister Plate said cooperation between the government and the private sector will be able to accelerate the digital transformation of society which is the focus of the government soon.

“The Indonesian government has made a series of efforts to accelerate the process of digital transformation of society,” he said. “From the start of infrastructure which is currently being intensively prepared by the Ministry of Communication and Information. Building human resources capable of using technological developments for productive,” he explained.



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