HSBC drives digital transformation with AWS

Cloud technology will help drive innovation, automate key processes, and enhance operational efficiency.

Global financial institution, HSBC will drive its digital transformation and personalised banking services, with Cloud technology provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Dinesh Keswani chief technology officer and CIO for digital at HSBC said, as part of a multi-year, global agreement, HSBC will make AWS technology available across the bank’s lines of business. This includes customer-facing applications and application modernisation in its global wealth and personal banking business.

Migrating to AWS will enable HSBC to drive innovation, automate key processes, and enhance operational efficiency across a range of personal financial services,” he said.

AWS’s global infrastructure will enable HSBC to run and scale applications around the world with the highest availability and reliability.

HSBC will use AWS’s portfolio of Cloud services, including compute, containers, storage, database, analytics, machine learning, and security, to develop new digital products and support security and compliance standards for millions of personal banking customers worldwide.

For example, HSBC plans to use AWS serverless and analytics services, including Amazon Kinesis, to create a more personalised and customer-centric banking experience.

“Our work with AWS is an example of how HSBC continues to invest in secure and advanced technologies to make our digital banking experience even better for customers,” said Keswani. “Our ambition is to make it easy, safe, and reliable for customers to bank with us, whenever and wherever they are.”











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