Finding growth in digitised governance models

eGovernance instrumental in improving socioeconomic infrastructure

Citizens’ evolving requirements, rapid urbanization and digitalization are encouraging governments to adopt a digitized governance model. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, eGovernance Platforms and Services Industry, finds that the eGovernance model encourages a collaborative ecosystem between public and private sectors, which can also uplift socioeconomic infrastructure. Additionally, governments’ move to address the needs of urban populations by upgrading infrastructural capabilities will unlock massive investment opportunities across different areas, such as smart cities.

“The global urban population will contain 1.25 billion more people by 2030. This creates a strategic need for the introduction of digital governance models that could potentially empower administrators to enhance their capabilities to better manage citizen-oriented services,” said Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, TechVision Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “eGovernance, in this instance, directly increases the government’s operational efficiency and caters to citizens’ needs.”

Chakraborty added: “When making eGovernance solutions, administrators must innovate and identify potential areas where technology can help. This requires the development of an ICT-based ecosystem where private players are encouraged to make investments and help citizens communicate with their administrators in a more effective and engaging manner.”

Growth prospects for eGovernance platforms include:

  • Technology companies collaborating with smart cities and encouraging them to adopt a digital-first strategy to provide better social benefits and improve public service outreach.
  • Market participants and governments focusing on investments in the upskilling and reskilling of workers to help nations accelerate the adoption of a full-scale digital governance model.
  • Private entities working closely with governments to help them develop, train, and retain talent to manage a self-sovereign ID (SSI) network.



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