Ericsson and Telstra join to LTE 200km cell range

Ericsson and Telstra have joined to push LTE 200km cell range capability on a commercial mobile broadband network.

One of the first extended reach call was completed using a Telstra site at Mount Dowe in the Australian state of New South Wales.

The initiative extends Telstra’s 4G cell range beyond the current 3GPP standards limit of 100km up to 200km, using a software to Telstra’s mobile network that is based on the Ericsson Radio System.

Following successful testing and deployment, the capability will become commercially available later in 2020 across select locations, further boosting network coverage as demands continue to grow.

Emilio Romeo head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand said, an Ericsson-developed software upgrade, we will be able to extend the current “LTE call range from 100km up to 200km”.

“This latest milestone is a testament to our continued industry leadership in rural and regional areas,” he said.

Channa Seneviratne network engineering executive Telstra said doubling the current 4G coverage range of a mobile base station is a huge win for regional and remote Australia.

“We live in a vast nation and fast data in more places is critical in ensuring that we are providing the best coverage for our customers, whether they’re in the city or the country,” he said.

“Extending the coverage of a mobile base station through an innovative technical solution is yet another example of this collaboration.”


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