True 5G services Thai hospital

The provision of True 5G tech for medical technology and innovation provides “efficiency and safety” in all processes.

Thailand telecommunications provider True has pushed out 5G technology for medical services, including a recent partnership with Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital.

This ranges from sending ambulance cars to pick up patients, screening patients, evaluating emergency and non-emergency patients to treating the patients based on their symptoms will generate maximum benefit for the Public Health Industry in Thailand, said Somboon Tosborvorn MD director of Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital.

Towards the end of May, Ture announced it had provided the state hospital with True 5G genius network including:

  • True 5G MedTech Ambulance: a genius medical equipment for ambulance car
  • AR Professional Consult Powered by True 5G:  a long-distance smart telecommunication system True 5G Temi Connect & CareBot: a genius telecommunication robot
  • Nopparat Teleclinic powered by True 5G : a VHealth technology platform application to screen, that gives advice and diagnose minor symptoms of the Nopparat Rajathani Hospotal.
  • True 5G-Ready sim and CPE 5G signal receiver via True 5G network which has expanded its signal around the hospital area
  • A 5G COW (Cell On Wheel) has also been provided to increase signal in the hospital in order to make Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital

Tosborvorn said it was a state hospital under the Department of Medical Services, the Ministry of Public Health that offer both general and various specialised medical services with high daily numbers of patients coming in for treatments, especially on weekends. During Covid-19 crisis.

“The Department of Medial Services has a policy to apply technology to the ER New Normal to increase safety for patients and medical personnel as well as the patients’ relatives to ease the crowd in the hospital and help patients on time,” he said. “The hospital fully supports this new technology scheme as our emergency unit will become the ER New Normal model and first of its kind for other hospitals to adjust and follow suit.”







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