Cybersecurity brings Govts of Singapore and Vietnam together

APAC countries boost cooperation for online protection

Singapore and Vietnam expressed concerns about the challenges and threats to cybersecurity in the region and world, during a virtual ministerial meeting between the two countries.

Both countries agreed the challenges relate to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and shared information about the cybersecurity situation in each country, boosting cooperation in handling cybercrime cases related to Vietnam and Singapore.

General To Lam, Minister of Public Security (MPS) of Vietnam emphasised that Vietnam has always considered cybercrimes and hi-tech crimes as a major threat, and it sees the need to strengthen coordination with law enforcement agencies of ASEAN countries, especially Singapore.

Iswaran, Minister of Communications and Information (MCI) and Minister in charge of Cyber Security, Singapore agreed with Vietnamese’s proposals to promote cooperation between the two sides in the coming time in the field of cybercrime prevention and control.

Minister Iswaran reaffirmed the commitment of the Singapore Government to combat against such serious crimes and continued to strengthen cooperation with all countries in the region and around the world, contributing to maintaining a secure cyberspace.

Recently the MPS opened a training course on data transmission, security, and authentication for officers in charge of the National Database on Population project and the electronic ID card (e-ID) project.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc emphasised the importance of the National Database on Population project which is considered an essential national resource for building e-Government, reforming administrative procedures, and improving the efficiency of State management over population and residence.

The database will be shared among other ministries and agencies as well as used by the police forces in the fight against crimes.

The Deputy Minister affirmed that e-ID cards will replace many citizens’ documents and simplify administrative procedures, facilitating people in civil transactions.

Deputy Minister Ngoc asked the Government’s Cipher Committee to coordinate with the MPS in implementing information security solutions for the two projects as well as assign its experts and experienced technicians to train public security officers to operate and use information security and authentication system.






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