China State Construction Engineering deploys DaaS solution

Enabling staff to work remotely.

China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited (CSHK) has deployed Nutanix Frame, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, across its operations in a move to enable staff to learn and access the Building Information Modelling (BIM) application from anywhere to make sure construction projects can be executed on time and ideally under budget.

BIM is an intelligent 3D modelling process developed to facilitate plans, design and construction, and improve efficiency levels for professionals such as designers, architects, engineers and those involved directly in construction.

 BIM is mandatory for government projects valued at more than HK$30 million, and a lot of promotion is made for its use in the private and public sectors. CSHK has set-up a BIM training centre and is targeting proficiency among at least 80 percent of its staff within the next two years to maintain its leading position and competitiveness in the industry.

The application has high hardware requirements, which typically means users need to upgrade each workstation, but doing so is a lengthy process and not cost effective considering some staff members do not participate in the BIM process full time.

The advent of remote working under Covid-19 also made this impossible. Employing Nutanix Frame enables staff to access and apply BIM technology directly from any computer (including laptops and tablets), with no need for upgrades.

In essence, all they require under the new system is an internet connection. As well as enabling staff to work remotely, the adoption of Nutanix Frame dramatically simplifies operations on construction sites, with its cloud-based service removing the need to procure workstations and enhancing productivity.

Other key benefits for CSHK in using BIM on Nutanix Frame include faster GPU deployment, easier cost calculation and on-site communication, and enhanced data security. In business terms, this means higher accuracy and efficiency in construction projects.

The solution also has important implications for the education sector, both under the conditions of the pandemic and beyond, with demand for remote learning expected to increase.

“Nutanix Frame represents a breakthrough for the construction industry,” said Simon Ng, head of BIM at CSHK. “The ability to access BIM technology with such ease means the difficulties associated with hardware requirements and remote working are no longer an issue for us. Longer term, it also means we will be able to work, teach and learn with much greater agility.”

CSHK, subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed CSCI (3311.HK), a construction and investment conglomerate, has become a pioneer in the market in the use of Nutanix Frame as the foundation for BIM, which the Hong Kong government is actively promoting.








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