Build a talent pipeline in 5G and emerging technologies

Pivoting workforce to capture new digital growth opportunities and drive digital transformation across industries.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is partnering with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and telecommunications company Singtel to attract and build a ready pool of capable talent in 5G and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud engineering and data analytics. Singtel will hire more than 500 people in Singapore over two years.

Through structured training and courses, coupled with real work experience in the Singtel workplace, employees can develop and hone 5G domain expertise and related skills that will enable them to deliver innovative products and services to meet the needs of consumers and enterprises.

IMDA’s TechSkills Accelerator Company-Led Training (TeSA CLT) programmes will also offer support by training associated roles such as software developers.

Lew Chuen Hong, chief executive of IMDA said, Singaporeans with the right tech skills can look forward to good job opportunities in a vibrant 5G ecosystem.

“Working with academia and Singtel will ensure that our workers have these skills in in-demand areas,” he said. “I encourage leading enterprises to work with us to get our workers future-ready and accelerate Singapore’s digital transformation.”

Singtel will be focusing its hiring and training in Singapore in core areas such as 5G network engineering, digital services, 5G product and platform development, application development and advanced analytics.

]NCS, Singtel’s wholly-owned subsidiary, will also be looking to grow talent for emerging technologies via NUCLEUS, its five-year career development programme which is targeted at grooming specialist and professional ICT talent. Regionally, Optus and Singtel Group associates are also building a growing pool of tech and digital professionals to support 5G roll out, such as the launch of 5G sites across Australian major cities by Optus.

NUS and SP, as IMDA’s appointed 5G and Telecoms Programme Manager (5G & Telecoms PM), will support Singtel and the rest of the industry by developing 5G-related training courses and academic programmes as well as collaborating with other Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Some of the available Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses and postgraduate programmes will be credit-bearing modules that will also count towards an academic qualification such as a Master’s Degree from the IHLs.

The 5G & Telecoms PM will also work with IHLs to provide hands-on training opportunities through 5G research laboratories and facilities, such as the 5G Garage in SP, set up in collaboration with Singtel and Ericsson.


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