Black Dog institute seeks dual CIO/CTO

Australian medical research institute looks to digitally transform.

The Black Dog Institute is a Medical Research Institute and a global leader in translational mental health research.

It looks to harness the latest technology and other tools to quickly turn its research findings into clinical services, education and e-health products that improve the lives of people with mental illness and the wider community.

The Institute is looking for a technology leader to help lead the development of mental health digital solutions, we see technology as an essential enabler of our mission and vision. Black Dog are now looking to take its organisation to the next level and are seeking an outstanding technology leader to drive our digital transformation effort.

The purpose of this position is to develop and lead the digital transformation strategy and culture of Black Dog Institute, ensuring we continue to lead Australia’s public mental health and suicide prevention response through science, compassion, and action.

The director will have a dual CTO/CIO role in driving its digital transformation success across mental health digital product and platform development, data driven insights and analytics, and internal business applications and operations.

The Director will:

  • Provide overarching technology leadership and strategic guidance, and support our organisation and teams in achieving their goals and objectives
  • Lead technology innovation practices and implement organisational design that cultivates the creation, discovery, validation, and acceleration of new ideas
  • Set and own the overall technical architecture direction, both for product and platform development and internal systems
  • Develop and manage solution delivery models and partnerships to support capability and capacity building and enable scalability of our offering
  • Develop and lead the delivery of our data and analytics roadmap, and facilitate the delivery of data and analytics solutions through the strategic use of internal and external resources
  • Be responsible for all infrastructure and data hosting, ensuring compliance and appropriate security of data and systems that meet all legal and contractual requirements.

The role will report to the chief scientist and be a member of the executive team.

The Director of Digital Transformation will have key duties across executive leadership, product design, development and management, data and analytics and internal systems and operation. These include:

  • Develop and lead the digital transformation strategy for novel product and service development, data analytics and internal systems.
  • Establish the Digital Transformation team as a high-performing, customer-centric internal service provider.
  • Lead, manage, mentor and develop the Digital Transformation team and oversee resources allocation to technology projects and operations.
  • Manage technology risk and provide good governance across our technical and data platforms and ecosystems, and ensure fit-for-purpose solutions across the whole of BDI systems and infrastructure.
  • Lead strategic development and implementation of the Black Dog strategic objectives ensuring employee engagement with the strategy.
  • Provide accurate, appropriate and timely reporting to the board of Directors.
  • Lead the design, development and support of evidence-based, user-centred and endorsed, mental health smartphone apps and other digital solutions.
  • Lead the design, development and support of digital first clinical services, connecting people from the internet into the highest quality collaborative care.
  • Design and deliver digital test beds to support the conduct of clinical trials and research, leveraging our advanced platforms and software.
  • Establish and deploy digital enablement teams across the product lifecycle, from ideation to design, development and operational management, leveraging appropriate methodologies and best practices.
  • Engage and develop new technical partnerships that build scalability, capability and capacity within product design and development.
  • Work closely with all other teams and promote cross-team collaboration, to ensure all products are quality, class leading solutions that are delivered on time, within scope and estimated cost.
  • Define and develop our target data architecture and roadmap, establishing the business data architecture end-state and guiding the business and data team through to successful delivery.
  • Drive the data and analytics component of projects, by analysing project requirements and delivering implementable solutions.
  • Provide leadership in the provision of data-driven insights in mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Lead the data and analytics function and provide practical, relevant advice and guidance to internal stakeholders on data and analytics related projects and initiatives.
  • Take ownership and accountability for data governance methods and frameworks, ensuring compliance with the regulatory environment under which we operate.
  • Oversee all internal systems and IT operations, including applications architecture, technology budget and spend, asset management, vendor/contract management and support services.
  • Advise senior business stakeholders on best practices in internal digital business solutions which deliver innovative flexible work solutions.
  • Lead end-to-end implementations of organisation-wide systems, working collaboratively with internal teams and external partners for implementation and operationalisation of business technology solutions.
  • Support and promote the adoption of technology solutions across the organisation and manage associated change impact.


The successful candidate will have the following:

  • About 10+ year’s experience in a technology leadership role with a minimum of 5 years specialising in Digital Transformation projects and technology product design and development.
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications and industry certifications in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or similar fields. Formal background and qualifications in software engineering and mobile application development highly regarded.
  • Proven ability to lead, manage and mentor multi-disciplinary project teams, and build strong technical teams and skillsets.
  • Exposure to a wide range of technologies across product development (e.g. mobile and web apps, .Net, Flutter, Android, iOS) and business applications including SaaS solutions and systems integration (e.g. MS365, Salesforce, NetSuite, Business Intelligence tools).
  • Significant experience and understanding of data systems (data structure, data warehouse, data mart) and technologies including both on premises and in cloud, and governance frameworks which underpin them.
  • Big picture thinking (technology architecture, delivery models, existing and emerging technology trends, strategic perspective, etc.) combined with an ability to work at an operational and detailed level.
  • Ability to effectively engage with both technical and non-technical audiences, promote adoption of technology best practices and build compelling business cases to support technology-related decisions.
  • Solid technology program and project management skills with a sound understanding of project management methodologies (including Agile) and technology product development lifecycle.
  • A genuine interest in progressing mental health research and translation through innovative technology solutions.






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