Australian Department of Defence boosts tech capabilities

OneDefence Data Program, which will ensure Defence can better manage data.

Simulation software to boost Army’s Future Ready Training

The Australian Army’s Future Ready Training is set to receive a boost, with the Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP today announcing that a $17.6 million contract has been awarded to a Newcastle business to provide the next evolution of military computer simulation training software, specifically developed for the Australian Army.

Tender-winner Applied Virtual Simulation Pty Ltd, a small regional Australian business based in Newcastle, has been awarded the contract to provide Army’s Common Simulation Software under Land Simulation Core 2.0 Tranche 1.

The Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, congratulated Applied Virtual Simulation for securing the contract, reinforcing the Australian Government’s commitment to investing in sovereign-capability technology.

“This contract represents a part of broader Defence investment in simulation for training and other purposes through multiple programs and projects,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

“Soldiers and commanders will now have access to Common Simulation Software through various platforms to train in realistic and relevant settings, contributing to Army’s future ready posture.

“The new software will be rolled out across Army’s Land Simulation Network over the next two years and includes military vehicle and weapon platforms,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

The simulation training features high-quality data and models and behaviours specifically developed for the Australian Army.

Tranche 2 of the Project will deliver an expanded Land Simulation Network to allow Army to virtually connect its geographically dispersed capabilities and training locations.

The Government’s investment in simulation training capabilities over the next decade encompasses various armoured vehicle simulation systems under Land 400.

Managing Defence Data for Military and Strategic Advantage

The Morrison Government is committed to ensuring Defence becomes a more data-informed organisation that better leverages information and data for strategic and operational advantage.

The Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, today announced the acquisition of Tranche 1 of the ICT 2284 OneDefence Data Program, which will ensure Defence can better manage data as a strategic warfighting asset.

Assistant Minister Hastie said strong data practices were critical to the future of Information Warfare and the conduct of military operations.

“Our data management is vital to protecting Australia’s national interests, but it is also vital in times of war, ensuring that we have access to the right information at the critical moment,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

“This investment will deliver secure and resilient information systems to better enable information sharing and collaboration across government and with Australia’s strategic partners.

“It will also ensure we can exploit the data generated by our military drones, aircraft, land vehicles and maritime vessels,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

The first Tranche approval is valued at approximately $233 million (PBS 2022-23 out-turned price and exchange). The overall Program is an investment of approximately $515 million, plus ongoing sustainment funding.

The investments contained in the OneDefence Data Program are outlined in the Defence Data Strategy 2021-23, which Assistant Minister Hastie launched in August 2021. The Strategy outlines initiatives that the Department is implementing to improve its data maturity and enhance the information available to the Australian Defence Force.

As a result of a competitive tendering process, Defence has entered a contract with KPMG as the preferred systems integration supplier. KPMG will lead a consortium which includes several industry-leading suppliers such as Oracle and Microsoft, as well as three Australian Small to Medium Enterprises – archTIS, EPICON and SISU Solutions.

Assistant Minister Hastie said the OneDefence Data Program represented a significant investment in the Australian Information Technology Sector.

“The Program provides opportunities for industry innovation and for the development of specialist information management skills that are vital to the sector.

“Through the OneDefence Data Program, Defence will improve its data management, build a stronger data culture and ensure access to a professional data workforce that will give us the strategic edge in a dangerous and uncertain geostrategic environment,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.



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