Australian code of practice on disinformation and misinformation

Microsoft releases an annual transparency report.

At Microsoft, we are committed to instilling trust and security across our products and services, and across the broader web. Fighting disinformation is a key element to creating a trustworthy and safe online environment.

Microsoft is a signatory to the voluntary Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation, which was launched in February 2021.

Microsoft releases an annual transparency report about our efforts under the code, which will help improve understanding of online misinformation and disinformation in Australia over time.

The Code was developed in response to the Australian Government policy announced in December 2019 and is administered by industry body, DIGI.

Signatories are a diverse set of technology companies who have committed to safeguards to protect Australians against harm from online disinformation and misinformation, and to adopting a range of scalable measures that reduce its spread and visibility.



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